The time has come


Here we go. another election.

Year after year, “immigration” emerges as a major talking point and decisive campaign issues. While Republicans have scapegoated immigrants, fanning the flames of white supremacy, Democrats have promised to stand by our community but failed, time and time again, to deliver on any major reform.

For the past 2 decades, our community has paid the price, as more and more immigrants have been detained and separated from their families.

But this election can be different…if we choose to intervene.


choose a side


Dignity vs. Deportation

Immigrants are facing millions of deportations, labor exploitation, and the constant fear of detention and family separation.

This coming primary election there is a choice to be made: we can choose to look away and convince ourselves that a return to the Democratic party’s status quo of silent mass deportations is good enough.

Or, as our country reckons with the inhumanity of our current immigration system and thousands protest Trump’s policies in the streets, we can choose to hold the political parties to a new standard for immigrant rights.

The choice is yours.

we must intervene


I’m ready to fight


I believe all immigrants deserve a life with dignity.

This election, I will fight for #DignityNotDeportation.