rules of engagement

We ask all individual and organization to participate and follow these guidelines so that we can do this well.

  1. We center the voices of our undocumented community and ask allies to stand in solidarity

    The purpose of this campaign is to uplift and unite the many voices and issues that affect our immigrant community every day. We ask that we center the voices of our undocumented community, that we have patience to let our community articulate what dignity means for them - emotionally, politically, and in other forms. We ask for allies to add their voices to this fight by standing in deep solidarity with the community, talking about how they are tired of seeing this injustice, and how they want their political representatives to adopt a new platform on immigration.

  2. We use the platform to uplift all of our fights

    Use the platform as way to speak about the issues we are facing. Whether it is access to drivers licenses, ending the cooperation between ICE and the police, or tuition equity, we aim to use the narrative of dignity and the Dignity Platform to uplift all of our local campaigns and advance our fight nationally. Add your issues as specific demands to the platform. Remember it’s just a platform with the intention of creating a new dialogue around immigration, but it’s not the legislation itself.

  3. We are pushing a new narrative forward, not negotiating legislation

    The Dignity Plan isn’t any legislation or policy plan, it is a mandate for politicians, liberals and institutions to recognize what it means for an immigrant to live with Dignity in the United States. We can no longer let any entity that plans on negotiating on the behalf of immigrants decide what that Dignity looks like. In the 2020 election cycle we have the opportunity to set the record straight. Please don’t get focused on legislation, right now we don’t have power to win anything close to dignity for our community. We have to focus on escalating, fighting, and pushing a new narrative forward.

  4. we are a nonviolent movement

    We are a nonviolent movement, meaning that when we take actions at an event, in the streets, or anywhere else, we remain nonviolent. Nonviolence keeps our movement alive. It is our shield that reflects the true perpetrators of the state violence that our people suffer daily. It is our strategy to bring light to the injustice that we suffer every day. We feel pain from the abuses of the police and ICE, and we will keep exposing their violence through our discipline.

  5. Any 3 people anywhere can start fighting for dignity

    If you like the Dignity Plan and can follow these principles, find a few people to join you and get started on an action! Any 3 people anywhere can start fighting for dignity. We ask everyone to be respectful with each other across our differences and privileges - we must remain patient with each other. Ground yourself in the hard work that members of our immigrant community do to put food on all of our tables.