Every election, the immigration issue plays two roles

Every election, the immigration issue plays two roles. First - It is used to rally people around fears of what they call an “invasion”. Second - it is used as a way for people we think are our friends to make promises to us that they break once they get into power.

We are tired of being told that our community deserves only bread crumbs.

We need to hold the political parties to a new standard. Because year after year, we have been asked to settle for less than what our community deserves. Time and time again, we are forced to accept border and interior enforcement as part of the political negotiations. When the question of legalization comes up we are forced to accept that some immigrants deserve green cards and others don’t. This election, we are saying enough is enough: we will no longer play their political games.

this election, we will intervene. we will be bold in our demands and hold the political parties to a new standard for immigrant rights.

This election, we must all intervene. We need to be bold in our demands to meet the needs of our community and start a conversation about what dignity for immigrants really looks like. Those who say they are with us need to meet our standards of what it means for immigrants to live with dignity here in the United States.

this election, we start fighting for what our immigrant community truly deserves.


the dignity plan


Demand 1

Full legalization and Equal Rights for all immigrants

We need permanent protection against deportation and the ability to travel back and forth to other countries. At a state level, we need access to driver's licenses, health care, and higher education.

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Demand 2

Abolish ice and end immigrant detention

We must end all cooperation between local police and ICE and stop treating migration as a crime. We need to end inhumane immigrant detention at the border and around the country and abolish ICE.

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Demand 3

Accountability against Institutions that Prey on the immigrants

We need to end the exploitation of immigrant workers, end wage theft, and hold employers, landlords, law enforcement, and corporations who abuse and exploit immigrants accountable.

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Demand 4

Family reunification

We need a family reunification program so that people who have been deported can reunite with their families in the US. We need a public apology for the damage done to families who were separated from their loved ones because of detention and deportation.

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