The truth is that The political establishment has failed the immigrant community.

  • The horrors we see under Trump are just the latest part of decades-long bipartisan attack on the immigrant community.

  • While Republicans scapegoat immigrants, fanning the flames of white supremacy, the Obama Administration failed to deliver on the promise of legalization, and instead chose to deport 3,000,000 immigrants, a record in the history of our country.

  • In the most recent Democratic primary debate, Biden was questioned on his mass deportation record. He failed to recognize and take responsibility for the pain he caused, saying instead that Obama had done a “heck of a job.” It was a signal to the immigrant community that as things stand, a Biden presidency would mean a continuation of family separation and record breaking deportations.

  • We need to hold the political parties to a new standard. This year, we will be bold in our demands to meet the needs of our community and start a conversation about what dignity for immigrants really looks like.

this election, we start fighting for what our immigrant community truly deserves.