politicians only do the bare minimum for us


Top 5 times democrats have sold us out


Clinton signs iirira in 1996

Democrats paved the way for mass deportation when Bill Clinton signed IIRIRA in 1996

The same year NAFTA came into effect, the Clinton Administration announced Operation Gatekeeper, through which “Congress allocated additional funds to Border Patrol. By 1997, the budget of the Immigration and Naturalization Service had doubled to 800 million dollars, the number of Border Patrol agents had nearly doubled, the amount of fencing or other barriers more than doubled, and the number of underground sensors nearly tripled.” In summary, Operation Gatekeeper was the first attempt in militarizing the U.S. & Mexico Border and preventing Mexican immigrants who were escaping from the negative effects of NAFTA in their communities from migrating north to find a better future for their families.

Then, in 1996, Bill Clinton and the Democrats paved the way for mass deportation with the passage of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996, more commonly referred to as IIRIRA. IIRIRA was a cynical attempt to endorse white supremacy for political gain, and set the stage for mass deportation, by dramatically expanding the share of undocumented immigrants eligible for deportation.

obama breaks his promise on passing immigration reform

Obama breaks his promise to pass CIR in the first 100 days and fails to prioritize CIR in the first 2 years of his presidency

In 2008, Presidential Candidate Obama ran on the idea of hope. He told us - and we quote - “I will have a proposal ready within the first 100 days and we will get it (CIR) done within the first year”. On January 2009, Democrats took over all branches of Government. The Senate, the House of Representatives, and the White House were Blue and even the Supreme Court was progressive leaning. The immigrant community and advocates were counting down the days to a major reform that would legalize millions of undocumented immigrants. However, the first 100 days went by, and there were no signs of an immigration debate over the horizon. 5 Senate Dems who voted against us in 2010

in 2010, 5 senate democrats vote against the dream act

In December 2010, 5 Democratic Senators voted against the DREAM Act, preventing it from passing.

The growing immigrant youth movement then decided to push for the Dream Act as a down payment to CIR. Immigrant youth from across the country took over Washington, D.C. for weeks at a time towards the end of 2010 to ensure the Dream Act becomes law. Our efforts seemed fruitful in early December after the Dream Act was passed in the House of Representatives. However, on December 18th, 2010, we saw our efforts hit a dead-end after the Dream Act failed in the Senate. Even though we had a simple majority vote with 55 votes in favor, a Republican-led filibuster required a supermajority of 60 votes in order for the bill to pass. We all felt the crushing defeat as we witnessed 5 Democrat Senators - Mark Pryor (AR), Jon Tester (MT), Kay Hagan (NC), Max Baucus (MT), and Ben Nelson (NE) - vote against the Dream Act - ironically the same 5 votes we need to win.

obama bolsters the detention and deportation machine

2010 Mandatory Secure Communities

2010+ Expansion of Private Detention Centers

In January 2017, Obama left the White House with a shameful record of more than 3 million deportations - the most of any President in U.S. history.