The Dignity Plan

1. Full Legalization and equal rights for all immigrants

Permanent Protection

immediate legalization

For decades, elected officials have debated the length of the “pathway to citizenship” for immigrant families in limbo.  Undocumented immigrants have already been waiting decades for legalization this is why the Dignity Plan for immediate legalization for all undocumented.

Protection from Deportation

Every day over 1,000 immigrants are separated from their families. Immigrant families deserve to live with peace of mind that their loved ones will not be detained and deported. We demand permanent relief from deportation for all immigrants.

Ability to Travel

When immigrant families made the courageous decision to leave their home countries and migrate to the United States, they did not know when they would be able to see their loved ones again. Due to the lack of political courage to solve the immigration issue, millions of undocumented immigrants have not been able to be there with their families in important life moments. Immigrants are forced to witness graduations, weddings and even funeral through video. This is why the Dignity Plan calls for immediate ability to travel and re-enter the US for all undocumented immigrants

Equal Rights

Access to Driver's Licenses

Currently 38 states do not allow immigrants to have a Driver’s License. This means that everyday millions of undocumented parents and workers are forced to drive to take their children to school and go to work risking negative interactions with law enforcement that can lead to detention and deportation. The Dignity Plan calls on states to grant driver’s licenses to millions of immigrants across the country.

Access to Healthcare

Undocumented immigrants pay on average $25 Billion dollars in income taxes every years which helps fund Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security but they are not eligible for these benefits. The Dignity Plan calls for immigrant families to have access to healthcare both at the federal and state level regardless of immigration status

Access to Higher Education

Every year, over 100,000 undocumented immigrants graduate High School. However even though these students and their families live and contribute to the local economy, they are not eligible for In-State Tuition rates and State Financial Aid like the rest of their classmates. Additionally, they are not eligible for federal financial aid which creates further difficulties for immigrants to obtain a Higher Education. The Dignity Plan calls for immigrants to have equal access to higher education.

2. Abolish ICE and end immigrant detention

Abolish ICE

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is responsible for separating over 400,000 undocumented immigrants from their families every year. Additionally, ICE is responsible for the death of dozens on immigrants including children while in custody every year, they are also responsible for the isolation of detained LGBTQ immigrants through solitary confinement. In short, ICE is a rogue agency that is out of control and as such should be abolished.

End cooperation between law enforcement and ICE


end all detention


3. Accountability against institutions that prey on immigrants

end abuse by employers

Hundreds of corporations exploit and abuse immigrant workers.  Additionally, abusive employers threaten immigrant workers by using their immigration status to intimidate and silence them. Even though these corporations depend on immigrant labor to survive, there is a long list of injustices that take place in the workplace against immigrant workers.   This list includes: Wage Theft, Sexual Abuse and Harassment, and Unsafe Work Conditions, etc.

end Abuse by landlords

Thousands of unscrupulous landowners abuse their immigrant tenants and leverage their immigration status to get away with injustices. Even though these landowners depend on immigrant families living in their property they do not treat them fairly. This list of injustices include: Unlawful rent hikes, Forced eviction, Unsafe living conditions, etc.

end Abuse by law enforcement

Immigrant communities are targeted by law enforcement everyday. Racial profiling tactics as well as “show me your papers” laws create incentives for law enforcement officials to discriminate against immigrant communities. These practices create mistrust within immigrant communities and make it harder for undocumented immigrants to come forward when they are victims of crimes and injustices. The Dignity Plan calls for an end to racial discrimination and any other practices that target the immigrant community.

end abuse by corporations

The immigrant community has been continuously dehumanized so that their pain can be turn into profit for corporations. The militarization of the US/Mexico border and the deportation machine have created billions of dollars of profit for the national security/defense lobby as well as the private prisons lobby. The Dignity Plan calls for an end to financial incentives to criminalize, deport and detain undocumented immigrants.

4. Family reunification

During the Obama Administration over 3 million undocumented immigrants were separated from their families. This manufactured crisis has led to thousands of children growing up without their parents. The Dignity Plan calls for a public apology for the damage done to immigrant families who were separated from their loved ones through detention and deportation. Furthermore, The Dignity Plan calls for the creation of a program so that those deported can re-enter the country and reunite with their families.

About the Platform

The Dignity Platform isn’t any legislation: it is a mandate for any politicians, liberals, and institutions who want to support immigrants to meet our standards of what it means for immigrants to live with dignity here in the United States.

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